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Palin Repairs 18 Million Cracks in Glass Ceiling

Ladies, throw your hats in the air. She’s done it. After only two interviews with actual reporters (Hannity doesn’t count) Sarah Palin managed to fill in every single one of those cracks and reinforce them with steel. Ain’t nobody getting through that ceiling now.

In just twenty minutes of screen time, this woman managed to convince the majority of thinking people, Republicans included, that she should be sent packing immediately. It’s farce. It’s comedy. Her incoherent babbling has made it crystal clear why McCain tried to postpone the debates. The woman is a disaster of epic proportions.

Apologies to all those who count on this blog for hard proof that at least one Republican out there doesn’t have his head completely up his ass. I’ve had to cut down on my posts due to work and a personal financial crisis that could use a government bailout right about now. Beyond that, this shit has just gotten to ridiculous and sad to comment on. I am at a loss for words. I am no longer embarrassed to be a Republican, I am actually ashamed.

In the past week, a chorus of anti-regulation free marketeers have gone silent, and for good reason. When this bailout passes, our “conservative” leaders will have succeeded at swinging the pendulum all the way back to Socialism. That, combined with this embarrassing spectacle, are reason to think long and hard about what we’re trying to accomplish.

Fellow Republicans, it’s time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves the tough questions. Is a McCain/Palin White House good for our country? Is it patriotic? Is it even Christian? Anyone with an ounce of intellectual honesty knows these are fair questions.

My friends, it may be time to repent.



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