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The Ignorant Are Lit!

Once again, my heartfelt thanks to those who have sent their condolences over the past few weeks. And to all who have written, wondering if I dropped off the face of the earth, rest assured that I have not. This isn’t a personal blog, so I won’t go into every reason for my absence. But if I veer towards the confessional, forgive me–these have not been easy times.

So what did I see on the hospital TV this past week? I watched crowds of aggressively stupid white people call Barack Obama a terrorist. I watched an old lady tell John McCain (the poor bastard) that Barack Obama was an Arab, in a quiet whisper like she knew it was bullshit. Then I watched the Real Americans around her wince and laugh: “Cripes, lady, we can spread that lie in secret but don’t actually say it on TV like you think it’s true…”

I know a lot of conservatives who are deeply embarrassed by the bottom-feeders who came out of the woodwork with renewed confidence after Palin lit the fires. To me, last week recalled Tolkien: “And the summons-by-fire spreads across the kingdom, from mountaintop to mountaintop and the sentinels shout the triumphant news – “The ignorant are lit!”

Then, of course, there was the Black Man for McCain in that audience. You can find him about halfway through the clip below. No, it wasn’t me. If it had been, not only would he have been better-looking, but he wouldn’t have suggested that Obama’s “soft spot” was Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright. I might have said something about the need for McCain to use his foreign policy expertise, so ably demonstrated in both debates, to make a specific argument about the future of both wars–how we will win in Afghanistan and draw down in Iraq while leaving behind a stable democracy. Or I would have asked him to play up his (very) good idea to allow retirees to hold their 401K’s beyond the required cashout date so their stock portfolios can bounce back. Or at least focus on a clear message instead of grasping at straws.

But this cat figures the way to take down the first black president is to make sure everybody knows he had an angry black pastor and sat on a board with a 60’s radical. In a time of economic collapse in all corners of the economy, two wars, terrorism, health-care related bankruptcies, mass forclosures, skyrocketing unemployment, a massive transfer of wealth overseas and a paralyzing fear of tomorrow’s bad news, my man thinks the road to victory runs through…where? Way to think it through, brother.

My father and I have spent countless hours in this room together over the past few weeks, and in that time we’ve discovered a great many things. One, we need to put some serious American ingenuity into improving our hospital food. Two, doctors and nurses do not support John McCain’s health care policy. At all. And three, the conservative ideology has managed to attract a lot of vindictive, uneducated, confidently ignorant motherfuckers. (Sorry, friends, I’m gonna swear pretty regularly from here on out. Love me or leave me.)

As I’ve said before, it’s a strange time to be a Conservative. We’re down the rabbit hole here, people. And, sadly, Republicans are only making it worse.



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