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The Day Conservatism Died

It’s over. To argue otherwise would not just be a failure of observation, but a crass exercise in intellectual dishonesty. Why do I say this? Come on, you know. You watch the news. You read. For those who still cling to the “conservative values” drilled into us by our parents, it is time to wake up. It was all a lie, designed to trick poor (white) folks into voting against their interests. The market is not a panacea–it’s a warm, wet host for the virus of greed. America’s financial system is in shambles, and Republicans are directly, unequivocally responsible. Conservatism is dead.

Unfortunately, this economic meltdown is only one part of a perfect storm. If we were to look down on it from space, we’d see this disaster swirling alongside the transformation of John McCain from honest maverick to lying, cynical panderer…mixing with the choice of Sarah Palin, an assault on thinking people everywhere…only to finally collide with the historic failure of the Bush Presidency. Add it all up, my friends, and you have the end of an ideology.

If I sound angry and perhaps a bit irrational, it is for good reason. In the interest of full disclosure, my father is very sick. The costs inflicted upon him and his new wife over the past few months have destroyed his hope for a comfortable retirement. His debt is mounting and I am unable to help, because I am mired in my own financial crisis. It would be unfair to suggest that this situation has not affected my subscription to the conservative worldview. It has. But to hear John McCain say yesterday that the “fundamentals of the economy are sound” nearly made my head explode. What the hell is this guy talking about? My house is worth less than my mortgage, my father is sinking into debt on his death bed, and you expect me to believe that the economy is sound? F**k you, old man.

The ideology I clung to like a soft blanket for decades has crumbled before my eyes. What was once an alliance of citizens yearning for fiscal restraint has become a coalition of the most ignorant, the least educated, and the most morally bankrupt of Americans.

My party hasn’t left me, it has left the planet.



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