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  1. Hahahaha

    Joe Watkins, is that you?

  2. Rex Train

    Alan Keyes, is that you?

  3. Dave

    Jay-Z, is that you?

  4. William Cosby

    My fellow Americans. Do not fall for this Lush Rimbaugh impractical joke. What black man in his right mind would vote for McCain unless you want more of the same Bush/Cheney policy to carry over for another 4 years!

    As they say in Chicago…



  5. risroy

    Let’s see, Barack Obama’s policies on national security are pretty straightforward, as far as “DEFEND FREEDOM”, he’s a Constitutional law scholar and civil rights attorney, he proposes an average $1000 tax cut for over 95% of American taxpayers (but yes, if you make over $250,000 a year you’ll see an increase as the George W. Bush tax cuts for the richest of the rich rolled back), and he’s spoken clearly of his support for the Second Amendment, most recently in his statements on the repeal of the D.C. gun ban.

    But he won’t outlaw abortion, so I guess he’s “not fit to serve”.

    Good thing you’re only one vote, sir.

  6. Ray

    “I have created this site because I know there are more brothers who will not blindly fall into line behind a black man just because he is black.”

    Amen! Don’t be fooled into voting for a black candidate just cause he wants to end a destructive pointless war, balance the budget, fix the economy, end our dependence on oil, save the environment from polluters, stop lobbyists from corrupting Congress, uphold the Bill of Rights, and restore the rule of law!

    Let’s vote for McCain, who knows the real issues in this campaign are Britney Spears and Paris Hilton!

    • Norman

      I am grieved that you sir would abandon the morals of our forefathers. These are indeed tough times we live in but they will improve through the work of American capitalist labor. You seem to think that if the Government was there they would help your father with your health care costs. What happens however when the Government goes bankrupt and can no longer cover your costs. Health care may be expensive now, but with time and improvements to technology it will become so cheap that even the most poor can afford it. Don’t believe me, well who ever believed a few centuries ago that the homeless could be fat like they are now. And so far Obama has not repealed the Patriot Act or stopped the war. And trust me nobody is opposed to limiting the power of lobbyists and creating clean energy.

  7. Lawyerbarbie

    You have GOT to be kidding me….Going for McCain I could support (although I fail to see what he offers you besides a return to being chattle…but whatever) However I find this site difficult to believe for the empty rhetoric… it is impossible that anyone with a brain could be that absurd.

    Atleast you didnt implicate black women in your ridiculousness…best of luck with this

  8. Lauren

    I think you’d be surprised. Obama wants to expand the military. He’s already talked about ending taxes for impoverished senior citizens, and tax rebates and credits to assist with gas issues. He’s very clear on finding a balance between 2nd Amendment rights and the need to keep us from killing each other.

    But you’re right. He’s not going to outlaw abortion.

    I would add however, that he has forced the Democratic Party to include a plank focused on fathers as the cornerstone of American families, and to prioritize father’s rights.

    Yes, DUH, he’s a Democrat. But he’s fighting hard to find common ground between the two parties. So can the rhetoric. No one is asking you to jump on board because you’ve got some racial ties. Just be accurate about your reasons for staying with McCain.

    So far, I haven’t heard ANY.

  9. Freelance Minion

    Wow, this is the lamest RNC attempt to look like they care about and are supported by any minority in this country. Seriously, is THIS what Karl Rove has been up to?

    If the author of this website is really a “black man for McCain”, lets hear some biographical details. I maintain he’s a fiction invented by a very white McCain staff meeting.

  10. Cleavon

    Where the white women at?

  11. sportsone234

    WOW, the Kool-Aid kids don’t like this site do they?

    The black community is not a monolith with everyone thinking, talking, and acting the same way. This was never demonstrated with more clarity than when the Imus nappy headed hos’ debacle took place. DL Hughley was right on with his comments on The Tonight Show.

    It is condescending, for anyone to assume that because a person is in the AA community that they will automatically support and vote for Obama.

    What you are doing is courageous. BTW, you are not alone, I’ve read numerous posts from men and women in the black community on many other sites that do not support BHO.

  12. Lili

    Is it twue how zey say zat black people are… gifted?

  13. jerome

    “What you are doing is courageous. BTW, you are not alone, I’ve read numerous posts from men and women in the black community on many other sites that do not support BHO.”

    What great market research this is. What’s your sample size, your mom and dad, some of the talking heads on Fox News?

  14. Taggart

    Now if that don’t beat all. Here we take the good time and trouble to slaughter every last Indian in the West, and for what? So we can appoint a sheriff that’s blacker than any Indian. I AM depressed.

  15. Lyle


    Excuse me, Mr. Taggart, sir, but I sure do hate to see you like this. What if me and the boys was to shoot that nigger dead? Would that pep you up some?

  16. this is already getting out of hand.
    the “about me” seems to serve the purpose
    of stirring up the masses…I’m still
    lost as to what you are trying to accomplish.

    any photos of actual people that purchased
    any of these shirts? I’d like to see some.

  17. Right On Brother

    You’ve started a real movement!

    Unfortunately it’s of the “bowel” type moreso than “grassroots”.

  18. miniman

    “The black community is not a monolith with everyone thinking, talking, and acting the same way.”

    You’re right.
    What your talking about is the religious right.

  19. Erin

    It’s clear from these comments that liberals don’t permit black Americans to think for themselves. No doubt the left longs for a gulag to banish this dissident. If you are a black man, you don’t have a choice–you must love rap, father and abandon too many children, stay angry, have fr*****g rhythm, etc. Talk about a blackface caricature! This poor guy can’t open a debate about black conservatism and the black middle class because “liberal” fascists will cut his black b****s off for “wrong thinking.”

  20. miniman

    “This poor guy can’t open a debate about black conservatism and the black middle class because “liberal” fascists will cut his black b****s off for “wrong thinking.”

    Erin, ranting about LIBERALS DESTROAYING AMERICA!!! is hardly “opening a debate.” And we have yet to see thinking from the author of this site, whether right or “wrong.”

  21. I don’t mind McCain too much. The war of hating each other (Dem vs Rep) is very old but to suggest that Blacks are following Obama because he’s black isn’t very honest. Obama didn’t vote against making MLK a holiday, McCain did! It is very sad to see someone talk down to his own race in such a way as you do. You have the right to vote for whomever you want but to suggest that other blacks are voting for Obama just because he’s black is not based in fact, Blacks voted for Bill Clintons reelection in almost the same overwhelming fashion.. This site is not empowering blacks it’s condescending to them. For that you should be ashamed. I hope you alter your site to remove all references to blacks being dumb. Make your case if you want, but don’t be condescending to an entire race. We’re all Americans and you deserve respect as do those voting for Obama, to presume that you know why they are voting for McCain is presumptuous and naive.

  22. correction: “We’re all Americans and you deserve respect as do those voting for Obama, to presume that you know why they are voting for McCain is presumptuous and naive” should read….

    “We’re all Americans and you deserve respect as do those voting for Obama, to presume that you know why they are voting for Obama is presumptuous and naive.”

  23. miniman

    “I don’t mind McCain too much.”

    Its not about liking him, his policies are copy-pasted from the past eight years! And if you are a homeowner, a college student, a soldier, factory worker- hell, if you’re even alive at this point you should be crying out for change.

    Many people are suspicious when the DNC releases ads that paint McCain as “more of the same,” after all, it is the politically smart thing to do in order to win democratic votes and it seems like it could just be a dirty political trick. There is more than a little truth to these ads, however, and I encourage everyone to learn what their candidate really stands for and not just take somebody’s word for it.

  24. Ben

    Well… given that 94-95% of the black vote is for Obama, the United States is 12% black, and the total population of the USA is 300 million, and if we assume that approximately 57% of the black vote for McCain is male (usual gender gap, no?), then there should be just over a million black men who support McCain.

    But then, the voting population is down near a third of the country… so there’d still be about 350,000 black men voting for McCain.

    So even if this represents a tiny slice of the population, it isn’t insignificant in real numbers.

  25. Bradley

    Nice to have some African American in our side.
    listen man, we cann’t take a risk with this guy for a moment.
    no matter what he says he is a Muslim and all Muslims hate America and we have to face it.
    as Mccain said we have to defeat evil and there is nothing more evil than Muslim extremists .
    Mccain 08, American for America
    all the way America…

  26. Quijibow

    This site is hilarious!

  27. eskilla

    Finally! I’m getting sick and tired of the Left automatically assuming that all black voters are their own personal property (although maybe I’ve no right to say that, being whiter than looseleaf paper).
    No surprise that you got wave after wave of incensed liberals. They just can’t *stand* it when someone disagrees with them, and without fail deluge the object of their obsessive hate with repugnant attacks designed to silence. A funny M.O. from a party that purports to be the sole guardians of free speech.
    To my way of thinking, there’s nothing more racist than assuming that someone ‘ought to know better’ than to undertake a purported foolish action on the basis of their race/gender/orientation, as Msr. Cosby suggested (third comment from the top). Have I missed something, or do chromosomes and melatonin now impart wisdom? Note to self: sunbake before the next big exam.
    And shame to the people that mock BlackMan on the basis that (again purportedly) very, very few black people are actually going to vote for McCain (yeah you, jerome, 13th commenter). I don’t care if BlackMan here is the only black guy who has ever even dreamed of voting Republican and ever ever will, he’s still got a right to say his piece (and yes, I would say/do the same for any leftie).
    And jeez, Freelance Minion (ninth commenter) that’s a new level of cynicism from the ‘party of hope’. Are you so filled with mistrust that you must greet any dissent with aspersions on their identity? I mean, really, how dare you? Who elected you to the post of race-checker? Do you believe I’m white? Because you never know, I could be Japanese or something. Heck, maybe I’m black too. Maybe I’ve got more colors than a box of Neapolitan ice cream, but for the whole faith in the human race and in each other thing to work, you really need to trust a little. Just a smidgen.
    Cleavon: They be here!
    Keep on rockin’ your free speech BlackMan, and don’t let the haters bring you down! Congrats on the link from Ann!

  28. CartoonCoyote

    Thomas Sowell, is that YOU? Give Massa a big kiss, will ya?

  29. steven

    love this website brother. fucking tried of all these left wing terrorist lovers…
    what do they wanna do next , changing the official language to Arabian ?!?

  30. A. Reed

    Why should black people fall in line to support the most pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage candidate ever? Those are issues on which many black people are conservative. And Obama’s white half can be racist, too, such as when he called Justice Clarence Thomas–a Yale Law grad who had been confirmed to the US Court of Appeals in DC–“not qualified.”

  31. lovemyUSA

    Just wanted to tell you that I have added you to my favorites–love this site! You have got the libs here foaming at the mouth–hysterical! An intelligent black person–what is America coming to–next thing you know they will be in our top government positions…OH WAIT–they already are–put there by *gasp* a REPUBLICAN!!!!

    Keep up the good work, the libs are about to swallow their tongues!

    PS–can you guess what “color” I am?

    PS–check this out:

  32. miniman

    A. Reed:

    “Why should black people fall in line to support the most pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage candidate ever?”

    Actually, Obama does not support gay marriage- he is in favor of civil unions, a stance that doesn’t hold well with the far left. Also, if you have every actually listened to him speak about abortion, he believes that abortions are bad for everyone involved and we should be doing everything possible to prevent them- meaning putting an emphasis on better sex ed. in our schools and alternatives like adoption.

    “…when he called Justice Clarence Thomas–a Yale Law grad who had been confirmed to the US Court of Appeals in DC–”not qualified.”

    That obliviously had nothing to do with his race and everything to do with the face that he wasn’t “qualified.” But you can believe whatever you want I guess…

  33. Michael

    I would vote for the dumb cunt Ann Coulter before I ever vote for John McCain.

  34. John McCain

    Anyone know the actual number of homes I own? I left the list on my other plane. Fuck.

  35. shuckin and jivein

    Really ask them folks in Ole Miss the smart ones that is that support Obama.

  36. Great blog, keep up the good fight and maintain your individualism. You are linked, sir.

  37. When the demons howl, you know that you’re hurting them. Well done.

  38. Mark

    Thank you for removing the section where you said “I know not all black men are fools” honorable that you realized this was over the top and not adding to the discussion. McCain gives Africans Americans many legitimate reasons to not vote for him. Like his stance on MLK being a holiday (Which he admits was wrong) and being for the Stars and Bars flying over the GA Capitol (Which he now admits was wrong). So you can understand why African Americans would have a problem with him and I’m glad you realized that this doesn’t make them fools it makes them informed voters who happen to differ with you on policy and issues.

  39. Len

    How could there be a site with the name “Black men for McCain”.

    Please do the research to find out what this guy really thinks.

    First of all, his family owned slaves (52 of them to be exact) and he said he didnt know about it until later on in life. yeah right.

    His navy ship had race issues where he kept himself segregated from blacks.

    When in the AZ senate he not only voted against MLK day multiple times but once it did become a holiday he fought to have it overturned along with the governor.

    When it came to the confederate flag issue in SC he saw nothing wrong with it and see’s the flag as heritage and not a racist symbol.

    This guy has bended his views to fit whatever he wants people to think just to get elected.

    How can any black man support this guy personally. I believe its possible to support some of his beliefs but not him as a man. Pathetic…..

  40. Anonymous

    Hey…. you forgot to insert the word Stupid as the first word in your blog title!

  41. Dorado

    Oh, so this is where at the Uncle Toms hang out.

  42. Dorado

    Why in the world would black man support the Republican party and endorse John McCain? Fools, can’t you see that these Republicans don’t give a crap about black people. Oh, yes they’ve appointed their token blacks such as Condeslezza, Token Powell, etc., but that’s all they are concerned about is getting token blacks. Isn’t the appointment of Sara Palin a wake-up call to you misguided people? Palin, the former Mayor of Wasilla Alaska, with zero, repeat zero black population. McCain did even have enough respect for you so called black supporters of him to nominate a Vice President Candidate who had at least some sort of connection to Black Americans. I’d be willing to bet that Palin never had a conservation with a black person in her life. I’m sorry, but you “blackmen for McCain” are real fools.

  43. MissAsh

    This website is a godsend. I, as a Black woman, am happy to see that the race is finally coming off the plantation of the Democratic party. After all, they were the slave owners! As I was reading the comments, I noticed that those who oppose this site about to go insane (liberals usually do that when Blacks think for themselves). I noticed that some dumb, idiot negroes on here are throwing the usual, and only, insults they have at Black conservatives: ‘You’re an Uncle Tom, a token, a sellout!’ But, I take it as a compliment.
    Blacks are generally voting for Obama not because he’s Black, but because he’s a Democrat. If Obama was a Republican, Blacks would hate his guts and treat hime just like they do other successful Blacks like: Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, and Michael Steele. In Maryland, where I live, Blacks were so proud that they voted to send Ben Cardin to the Senate, defeating Michael Steele. But what those ignoramuses didn’t consider, was that Cardin had already been in the Senate for years! Ben Cardin aired a political ad basically saying that Steele was a Republican who agreed with Bush on the war in Iraq. He didn’t have to say anything else because he knew those dumb negroes were going to hate Steele for that reason alone.
    For all of those mad about this site, don’t be mad because you now realize that the Democrats have made you slaves all over again. You are so enslaved, that out of one side of your mouth you talk about the Black race pulling together and supporting one another, but then you violently oppose any Black person who is succeeding, solely because of their political party. Think about it. Condi Rice is a representative of the most powerful country in the world! But you totally discount that because of her political party. Because she’s out the mainstream. Bill Clinton (although Blacks hate him now) had a Black secretary. Not Secretary of State, but, you know, clerk? WOW!
    It’s refreshing to hear another voice from the Black race. I sure get tired of getting lumped in with Jesse and Al (aka race baiting, MLK wanna-be, opportunists). They are not my leaders.
    To me, Obama is not change, hope and all those other sentimental things he refers to. He’s a flaming liberal politician and I’m not voting for him just because he’s a half-white Kenyan. Or because he’s a Democrat. Blacks, we need to rise above race. Stop living in the 50’s! I know there is racism in the world, but alot of it’s coming from us and from the people we idolize. We should be more concerned about good and evil, not about race. How is it that we agonize over the fact that Whites used to label our ancestors as non-human in order to mistreat us when we do the same to our unborn children? Why are we stille angry over slavery, something that was abolished (in part, by Republicans) and that we never experienced! Get over it! Stop making the White people of today apologize for something that they never did and never did to you! Stop blaming the White man for your irresponsibilities. And if you want to blame them, blame the right ones (Liberals)! McCain might not be the pick of the litter, but he’s better that Obama; and Blacks need to snap out of it.

    If you want to call me an Uncle Tom, go ahead! Because Uncle Tom helped the slaves. You, on the other hand, are a Sambo!

  44. Alex

    Which party does the KKK support?

    Do you want to vote for that party?

  45. DM

    Who cares about the race. There’s only one race! Bend over, Sarah!

  46. Raymond

    I think many black folks are so racist that they would only vote for the skin color. Doesn’t that remind you of what Black people have fought against??? Obama is not qualified and would never have a chance of being President if he were white. NONE!

  47. Steve


    The idea that being black is an advantage in running for president is sooo fucking dumb I don’t even know where to start.

  48. I’m glad to see this site and invite the curious, concerned and conscientious to consider the Conservative Brotherhood, the premier establishment of African American writers and bloggers from the Right of Center. I guarantee that you will be rewarded.

  49. Heavy D

    I am black, and voting for McCain. The message must be clear, pick the man who can get the job done and who has proven it. This will stand as a testament to all what my forefathers have fought for, and end bias and racism. Blacks must stop reaching out for appeasement to the cause as poorly articulated by supposed black leaders like Rev. Sharpton and Jesse “the Liar” Jackson. We must earn our place, plain and simple. And, we can do that by simply obtaining access to education and the courts.

  50. the mole

    I’m a young african american woman and i’m voting for McCain. I went to a traditional HBCU, love black folks but wish we could just stop reverting to this “colo”mentality. It’s not “us” against “them” this election is not about our finally having “one.” It’s great to see diversity, but other countries have embraced what we consider non traditional leaders for years, including minority and women presidents so cut the crap. The media is so outrageously biased, in their coverage of this election it’s almost laughable. Reporters have become commentators, celebrities have all of a sudden become talking heads, and everybody seems to be looking at Obama through rose colored glasses. I’m tired of the silly forwards from friends and colleagues reminding me to not wear party affiliated garb “cuz you don’t wanna give THEM any reason…” and all the other nonsense. Black people please wake up, racism exists the world wide get over it and rise above it.

  51. OhSix

    Interesting blog. As I’ve gotten older I have found myself to become more moderate than I was in my younger years. While, I am an Obama supporter, I have tried my best to be open-minded to the views of others. I agree with some of the other posters, we (Black folk) live in a big tent these days and there are lots of reasons why we fall across the various ranges of the political spectrum.

    The main reasons I’ve seen for Blacks to adopt a right wing/conservative outlook on life are religion (and yes, contrary to popular perception – we DO go to church); or we were raised in a middle/ upper middle class suburban environment where inner-city social issues of the Black community aren’t part of their collective conscience.

    I’d be interesting in understanding where you fall. I’ll continue read your posts out of curiosity. I really don’t understand support for McCain/Palin by anyone – regardless of color. His selection of Palin sealed the deal for me. I found it to be reckless, and I am genuinely scared of the possibility that she could actually become POTUS if McCain died.

  52. Bachem Macuno, is that you? :^)

  53. Tuezdae

    Black men for McCain!!! Are you serious!!! I don’t know a REAL BLACK MAN THAT WILL VOTE FOR THIS JACK ASS!!!

  54. jcoleman

    First, black people have never had the chance to vote for someone black for president in the general election. So we have proven that we will vote for someone white. Second I am a registered republican, I am black and I will be voting for Obama. I can give a damn what anyone thinks. Am I racist? Yes, does it bother me, no. Why? Because the contributions of my people have never been respected so give the brother a chance. And any self respecting black man that doesn’t vote for him is a traitor to his race and should be rebuked by his people.

    So, Elder, Watkins, Williams, and Watts you are all buck dancing uncle toms that are doing the bidding of your master and it is sick.

  55. Voting for Obama--not because he's black

    Are you serious??? All of you SUCK and are the reason why were in this mess now!!!

  56. White voting for McCain, not because he's a fellow Caucasian.

    jcoleman, please stop being an idiot. traitor? really, now.
    grow up.

  57. White voting for McCain, not because he's a fellow Caucasian.

    Has anybody else noticed how most people who say they are voting for Obama (democrats) are rude, ignorant, or using foul language?

    [[Black men for McCain!!! Are you serious!!! I don’t know a REAL BLACK MAN THAT WILL VOTE FOR THIS JACK ASS!!!]]
    He only served his country and was a POW.
    something barack obama hasn’t done. hmm, maybe his 2 years in the senate?
    or this.

    September 13, 2008 at 2:53 am
    Who cares about the race. There’s only one race! Bend over, Sarah!”

    wow, democrat or republican, i don’t care.
    you’re a dumbass.

  58. White voting for McCain, not because he's a fellow Caucasian.

    August 19, 2008 at 7:01 pm
    love this website brother. fucking tried of all these left wing terrorist lovers…
    what do they wanna do next , changing the official language to Arabian ?!?]]

    they want to change it to SPANISH.

  59. DK

    “Don’t judge a man by the color of his skin but by the content of his character.” – Martin Luther King

    Yes, the statements of a black man…

    James T. Harris obviously has judged the content of Barak Hussein Obama’s character by Obama’s past & present affiliations with known terrorists like Bill Ayres (Wiki: Obama-Ayers Controversy). And that is only one of the “shady characters”.

  60. I am a Black woman, and I am NOT voting for Mccain. Yes, people of ALL races can vote on ANYBODY they want to. But, let’s get to the REAL situation. Mccain is going to be a 3rd Bush, and we can’t have that! He agrees on Bush 90% of the time. He says that he’s gonna cut taxes, but for whom? He is going to cut taxes ONLY for the RICH people, and NOT for ALL working classes. The Republican Party had ALWAYS cater to rich people since the beginning of time. They do NOT give a fuck about the middle class OR the lower class. You see why thay we are in a financial crisis now. If Mccain becomes president, BYE-BYE, ECONOMY, BYE-BYE JOBS, BYE-BYE HOMES, BYE-BYE CARS, BYE-SCHOOLS, AND BYE-BYE AMERICA!!! Think about it.

  61. By the way, MissAsh, you are a sellout!

  62. MissAsh, I agree with you with some points, but you sound lika an angry female. You have to understand that we can’t have Republicans taking over the White House for the next 4 years. How you going to agree with the man who announced that the fundamentals of the economy are strong, and hours later, he announced that we have a economy crisis. If you want 4 more years of hell, you go right ahead. But, when your money ain’t right, and your job is in jeopardy, what are you going to do? SIT UPON YOUR ASS AND COMPLAIN ABOUT IT? And what do you mean that Obama is NOT about change? How do you know? Have you met the man? Mccain is another George W. Bush! Mccain agrees with him 90% of the time. Bush and his adminstration (including Mccain) had fucked up this economy! Who had shifted our American jobs overseas? Wake up and smell the grass, girl! Stop believing in those lies out off of those Mccain ads! Mccain is weak AND a liberal, and Obama is gonna SLAM him again at the last debate! Obama IS about change; the REAL change!

    OBAMA/BIDEN-’08 all the way!!!!!!!!

  63. Jaylin

    DK, you got that right brother!

    How can any one trust any man with the characters we have seen Obama associated with? Tony Rezko, Bill Ayres, Louis Farrakhan facing tax fraud & naming Obama as “the Messiah”; CNN reported 10/10/08 an ACORN subsidiary was paid $800,000 by Obama’s campaign to register primary voters; Obama’s notorious racist preacher Reverend Wright, he sat and listened to for 20+ years and had his family & children listen to the hate… Amazing! The minute I heard that rhetoric come out of the mouth of any “preacher”, I would leave in disgust and made sure my children would never be exposed to that. How many of you have associations with people of this character? What if it was a white man with these associations? Every single one of you, along with the media would be screaming in the streets “RACIST!”

    Its a shame people want to bash a black man for not supporting a black man. Martin Luther King was right, and his words still ring true.

    “Don’t judge a man by the color of his skin but by the content of his character.” – Martin Luther King

    Yes, the statements of a black man…

    James T. Harris obviously has judged the content of Barak Hussein Obama’s character by Obama’s past & present affiliations with known terrorists like Bill Ayres (Wiki: Obama-Ayers Controversy). And that is only one of the “shady characters”.

  64. Jaylin

    Lauren wrote:

    “I think you’d be surprised. Obama wants to expand the military.”

    Here is BHO’s military expansion plan:

  65. I would like let you know that, although we don’t always share the same perspective (I’m not voting for McCain), your writing is insightful, captivating, and inspires me to put myself in my opposition’s shoes whenever I am able. I wish you the best, both personally and professionally. Please keep writing.

  66. Rob

    How can you have a website titled Black Men for McCain, yet have a heading titles I am voting for Obama. It is obvious that you are nothing more than a democrat who pretended to be a republican with a plan in mind the whole time. You were NEVER going to vote for McCain. I too am black, but I obviously have a much better understanding of the economy than you. McCain is not Bush. Obama is the most liberal senator on record right now. How can anyone go from being a true republican to voting for a baby murdering socialist liberal like Obama? Do you realize that by supporting Obama,you are agreeing to pay for abortions. He wants to offer free health care to everyone, which abortions will be a part of, but anyone with common sense knows this medical care will be paid using taxes…that means you support your taxes going to KILL BABIES!!!

  67. Snuzz

    If you elect McCain & Palin you will be the laughing stock of the world. That is a concrete fact.

  68. Samy

    I will not vote for Obama too many red flags………….. Pro Abortion, Rev Wright, Terrorist affiliations, has never served in the military, and has Muslim family abroad.

    McCain is not Bush…………………..

    Its too sad that the only reason anyone votes for Obama is because he is black not because he is qualified.

    By the way I am mixed.

  69. Republican for Obama

    Don’t let these negative comments get to you. They’re the last ditch effort of a losing party to get the final word. The good news is that Obama won and the hope you see in the world can come alive.

    McCain was a good contender. He made an amazing speech that brought tears to my eyes. Palin was the cement block tied to his leg. It’s sad cause he had good intentions and let’s hope the next candidates learn from his mistakes.

    Obama, yes we did! 🙂

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