My father is not well. He readily admits his time is short, and the encroaching spectre of The End has made him a more reflective man than I have ever known him to be. Over the past few weeks, he’s spent a lot of time talking about what he will take away from this life when he leaves it. Difficult stuff, to be sure, but hours I will cherish.

To my surprise, Dad has not moved toward religion in his last days. Instead, he’s found his spirituality in family and friends. According to him, the people he loves are the ones who have filled his life with light, not the promises made in his Bible. Last week he said Christianity always gave him the same comfort he remembers from childhood–the feeling of cuddling up by a warm fire with a good story and a parent to reassure him that in the end, everything would be okay. But it’s the end. And everything is not okay.

Dad is a self-made man who came up from nothing. To him, personal responsibility is the foundation of our society. He didn’t believe that men, black or white, should rely on anyone, especially not the government. But as he watched his life savings drain away with his health, and the dreams of his children fade as we struggled to pay the bills to keep him alive, that ideology began to feel disconnected from reality. The Conservatism he taught me encouraged unrepentant faith in the Free Market–if you believe, you will prosper. But we believed. And we are not prospering. We are withering away.

Dad has long since abandoned the Conservative cause–not just because he felt betrayed by George W. Bush, but because his perspective on life changed the longer he lived it. As many of you have pointed out, I’ve begun to question my own devotion to the party as a result. In recent weeks, the debacle of McCain/Palin has accelerated my move away from Conservatism so rapidly, I can’t even see my old mindset on the horizon anymore. And in the wake of my retreat, a new question has emerged: why did I hold these beliefs so close for so long? Maybe I, like my father, needed that comfort of a parent reading a storybook, assuring me that I would be safe and secure if I would just close my eyes and go to sleep.

I feel like a stranger to my all-too-recent self. There was an obstinance to my thinking, a stubborn determination to stick to the “values” of Republicanism, even when the moral failure of that ideology was staring me in the face. It is remarkable that in spite of the disaster of the past 8 years, so many of us continue to believe in that story, to stay Republican on faith alone. We have been told from a young age that belief is the greatest virtue, that faith makes a man. But it doesn’t. In this case, faith just makes a good consumer.

We are the wealthiest country in the world, and yet we are the only industrialized nation where a health problem can bankrupt an otherwise secure financial existence. We tell our citizens that cutting taxes for the wealthiest will somehow “trickle down” to them, but it simply doesn’t. The idea that every man must live and work for himself has not served us well. If we are to survive, we must embrace a shared purpose.

So I will vote for Barack Obama on November 4th.

I will vote for him because I want to learn from our past and evolve to a better future. I will vote for him for my children, in hopes that their American story will not mirror mine. But most of all, I will vote Obama because my father would have done it, as a final dissertation on his experience in this life. He may not have the opportunity to put his change of heart into action. But by changing me, he already has.



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  1. DEE

    We are too intelligent to fall for McCain and Palin’s tactics! There is too much at stake for us to let the Hate mongers in this country win, not this time! Do not become complacent or overconfident! Barack Obama CAN lose this election! Don’t worry about what anyone says! Don’t pay attention to the polls! People have had big leads in the polls and lost on Election Day! Just get out and VOTE! Vote early! Don’t wait until the last minute! Don’t become overconfident! Obama must win this election! Vote! VOTE! VOTE! The world is watching!

    OBAMA/BIDEN 08-12!

  2. yes

    Thank you. And best to you and your father, who sounds like he is a wonderful man.

  3. Monica

    Thank you for sharing your story. I’m glad to see your change of heart. McCain/Palin have made a mockery of the conservative movement. Instead of concentrating on policy issues, they’ve delved into the most hateful type of rhetoric that no matter who wins will divide our great country. Thank you again. Best wishes to your father.

  4. Merp

    Wow. This is really beautiful. God bless you and your family. I wish your father the best.

  5. Janice

    Bravo for you that you are coming to our side!! I am very close to age of Senator Obama and remember the civil rights movement from a child’s perspective. I have a memory: I remember my parent’s interracial friends being terrified that something horrible had happened to my brother and I, just because we were with them but we had happened to run up the wrong stairs in our exitement to be staying overnight with Uncle Lorenzo and Aunt Judy! Their house in the dark had looked like one a couple of doors down and when we finally realized our mistake, and came back down the stairs and over to them, I remember how they cried tears of relief and hugged us and said “Please stay close to us, something might happen to you, we thought that you were kidnapped”! We didn’t understand, but that was part of the fear that an interracial couple had to live with back then. What those poor people had to go through with their families and the world, just to be in love and marry back then! They are still my parents friends, all of these years later, amazing, educated, (retired college professors) and wonderful people, and they are still together, no small miracle, and we are all filled with joy at Obama most likely being our next president!!

  6. Cynamen

    My heartfelt prayers go out to you and your family…and I pray that you not cast your faith aside, for it has brought us this far….

    You are indeed an incredible writer ~ and I so appreciate the wisdom of your father being shared through you. These are very interesting times in which we now live…and we certainly don’t want to be on the wrong side of history, for we just might live long enough to regret it.

    God bless and keep you and your father ~ and I know without shadow of doubt that your vote will not be cast in vain. My warmest regards to your Dad .

    Be encouraged to continue ~ and may God grant you the peace that surpasses all understanding.

  7. Dream Embraced

    In spite of the abstract division that is currently being perpetrated on this nation, this is what real hope looks like…

    It comes with a Kleenex alert.


  8. denise

    Blessings to your father and your family in this time. A prayer for peace during this distressing passage which all of us will someday make.

    The way in which your family finds itself facing what is fundamental mirrors what is happening in our nation.

    I too held some conservative beliefs which have not held up when confronted by real events. Ideas sold with marketing. Well, snake oil comes to mind.

    Welcome to the change.

  9. Hello World

    Welcome aboard. I wish you and your father the best, and I am glad that you and I will be voting for the same candidate in this election.

  10. steven

    yeah yeah yeah, shame on you. you want to vote for a muslim ?!? why do you start hating America? why?
    he is muslim , no matter what ,and terrorists love him.
    we need a American president for America,why don’t you people get it?
    we need somebody in white house who loves this country and support our kids over seas and be man enough to stand against Islamic extremist .
    can you tell me why the whole europe and france and germany and… are so excited about this guy ? do you really want to tell me that they love our great country more than us?
    did you really forget about Jeremiah Wright or you don’t care because he is black too. you and your people need to get more educated about this coutry and learn what” country first” means.

  11. Van

    Sorry to hear about your father.

    I’m glad to hear your endorsement for Obama. If a republican like Powell can endorse him then so can anyone.

  12. dutch

    I am reading the comments..nice, nice, nice, then STEVE…the clunker
    I forget how I found your blog, maybe Huff Post
    but I found it beautiful..and I can see your metamorphasis..I had a similar one..
    I too believe in personal responsibility..I have worked since I was 14…and even tho retired, still work parttime..(BTW ..white, female)
    but there are times we need to look out for others and times we need help
    Obama has what I want: intelligence, compassion, vision, good advisors, good plans
    All the best to you and your dad

  13. LT

    As someone who has been an independent since I could vote, I’ve never had an election where I voted straight ticket before, but for the first time I will be voting all democratic. I’ve always loved the fact that even though I was a young black American, I could have my own ideas and that party had nothing with who would be the best for the local, state or national government. I still, in my core, believe there are great people in all parties, but I’ve been increasingly disheartened with the republican party. It’s like they’ve stopped listening to everyone and instead focused solely on the crazies of their party. Moderate republicans and independents are ditching McCain and the republican party at an alarming rate.They have serious repairing to do.

    This is my first time coming to this site and I am certainly saddened by your father’s sickness. My father recently completed radiation for cancer and I thank God he had insurance because we would be in terrible debt without it. I pray my mother or I never get sick because we don’t have insurance. I’m also concerned about getting loans to go back to school. Even with a steady, good job and good budgeting skills and scholarships, I worry about affording my education. As a family that has worked hard for everything we have, it still feels like the American dream is a distant reality. I mean we have to pool all of our meager money together to survive and sometimes it’s so tough.

    I thank you for supporting Barack Obama. Somewhere in the mix, Senator McCain got lost in the republican brand of hate and confusion. I hope he finds himself. He used to be better than this.

  14. @ Steven,

    Please learn some reading comprehension before you fix your fingers to type nonsense.

    To the author,

    This is a beautifully written post and I am sending positive energy to you and your family during this difficult time.

    To me, it takes courage to take a step back from something you have been taught to be believe in all your life, and re-evaluate and see the bigger picture. Some may agree, but it’s not just about you deciding to vote for Obama, it’s about seeing that conservatism in theory seems good, but in practice … what has been shown to us has not lived up to it’s promise.

    I hope that makes sense. Wishing you the best.

  15. Hello World

    I’m sure you’re aware of this, but you are in very good company as a conservative who has switched sides in this election. Andrew Sullivan, Colin Powell, and Christopher Buckley are all cerebral, traditional conservatives who have come out in support of Obama. The problems they have with McCain/Palin are many of the same problems that you have identified. David Brooks and George Will have both been hugely disappointed with McCain and Palin as well.

    In short, you can support Obama as a conservative because he really is the conservative choice in this election, as strange as that sounds. Obama is obviously more liberal than McCain from an ideological standpoint, but in terms of temperament, consistency, and intellectualism, Obama is clearly the conservative choice.

  16. McCain’s campaign has been just to harsh and too negative towards Obama, the GOP has really showed it’s true colors, I am not a democrat nor a republican, but if I ever were to declare a party it would not be this type of republican party, they seem to go out there way to tell me and my kind , that I am not welcome

  17. rikyrah

    This is a wonderful post. Thank you. I hear you. I have been where you are with your father. Keep the faith. And appreciate every moment you have with him.

  18. Tafaraji

    You write so well, I’m timid to write anymore than a few lines. I send my best wishes to you, your dad and family.

    Obama/Biden 08

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  20. One Nation...

    For those who would like to send Senator Obama’s grandmother a get well card, here his HI headquarters mailing address:

    Mrs. Madelyn Dunham
    In care of: Obama for America
    Honolulu Headquarters
    1050 Ala Moana Blvd Ste D2690
    Honolulu, HI 96814

  21. Dave

    Nice post. I’m so glad that you finally came around and saw the McCain/Palin ticket for the complete yardsale it is. You should really consider writing for a living.

  22. On Al-Qaeda Web Sites, Joy Over U.S. Crisis, Support for McCain

  23. Carolina Anole

    What a journey. Now, it would be good to keep in mind that there are a lot of (even now) worthy “conservative” ideas. And sensible conservatives could do worse than to point those worthy ideas out, throw the trash overboard, and not let the crazies near the microphones (or the blogs, for that matter).

    You and a lot of other folks (including me, long ago) had valid reasons for holding onto “true” Conservative beliefs. The GOP has been hijacked by its Extremists, much in the same way that the Democrats were (late 60s and 70s) by their Wacky Left. I turned away from McCain only when he reversed himself on Bush’s tax cuts. His first instincts were right- You can’t engage in war on so many fronts without finding a way to fund it. Now he promises to balance the budget within four years, which is such obvious hooey it distresses one to think of. What has happened to John McCain?

    I was bemoaning all this to a friend of mine who found a quote from “Hard Times” by Studs Terkel, a Liberal who knows a thing or two. This is from an interview Terkel did with Alf Landon (R.) in the 60s, when Landon was in his 80s, looking back on the Great Depression, Roosevelt, work programs, etc., and shows just how far over to the Right things have gotten:

    “This so called welfare state is a unique combination of socialism and capitalism, and we’d better make it work. I’ve said this many times. I had not used the word “socialism” in any speech I made during the campaign. I was not afraid of “creeping socialism” as much as I was of creeping inflation.

    I always felt if we kept our money sound and recognized the rights of labor to protect themselves as well as their women and children, and of farmers to organize, we’d work out of this. I’ve always been in favor of collective bargaining. And co-ops for farmers.

    In a nutshell, the basic problem of any government today is to keep alive circulation from the bottom to the top.”

    I wish the very best for you and your dad and the rest of your family.

  24. eddie p

    oh I’m sorry- I thought this website was black men FOR McCain- not against him! My Christian values keep me rooting for him and I will be voting for him. God help us if Obama wins!!!

  25. trish

    TO eddie P:
    You used the same argument for a Bush presidency. He failed to foil the terrrorist attacks, lied to get us into war, horrible response to Hurricane Katrina, deficits, torture, derregulation, etc.

  26. Carolina Anole

    Eddie P.- I’m just trying to figure out how your “Christian Values” have anything at all to do with supporting McCain and the GOP this year. “Blessed be the Peacekeepers”- where’s that in the platform? “Blessed are you Poor, for yours is the Kingdom of God”- Well, as our Middle Class continues to shrink and the Working (or more frequently now, unemployed) Poor expands under these policies, I guess a lot more of us will get the Kingdom of God! McCain is “going to grow the Economy”, and “balance the budget in four years”- doesn’t the Bible have a few things to say about, umm, lying? BTW, going through the earlier posts, etc. will easily help you see the (dare I say) evolution here. You, too, may be capable of evolving.

  27. I call bullshit on this site.

  28. Purple Alaska

    @ Bill…

    You wouldn’t happen to be O’Reilly, would ya? Whatever the case, try to elevate your mind…and move beyond it’s stench. For you see, the only BS that’s been consistently dished has emanated from the McCain camp…

    Let’s see if we can recount the ways: a noun, a verb and a surge; 7-9 homes; Saddleback’s cone of silence; Palin pick; the convenient rift w/ the MSM; mavericks; Abuse-of-Powergate; jury’s still out on the 5th child; Hockey Moms; bridge, plane, lipstick to nowhere; Russian foreign experience; “In what respect Charlie?”; Katie Couric for VP; “Say it ain’t so Joe”; faux suspension of campaign; Joe Sixpack; “That One”; (I forgot to mention Britney and Paris); Lie to Letterman; Joe-the-not so plummer; “paling around with terrorist”; dumb talking heads, who’ve disappeared one-by-one…
    hopefully Tucker Bounds and Rick Davis soon to follow; “Kill him!”; $15o, ooo+ in shopping sprees, makeup and hairdos; Socialist; ACORN; Tina Fey- the real maverick; “my fellow prisoners”; Cindy, the elite stepford wife; Communist; lobbyists; rabid religious zealots ~ who obviously know not Christ; the candor and wisdom of Collin Powell; race-baiting hoax by Ahsley Todd; Troopergate~ “The Sequel”; Bushisms 90% of the time….War Baby War! Truly, it’s all about the Economy stupido…and not merely for the top 5% who have benefited from the GOP welfare programs.

    All that (and I’m certain I left something out) in just the past 7 weeks! With a world that spiraling out of control, I could certainly live with a lil’ less drama…and just can’t risk my vote on a 10% chance.

    So my advice would be to resist the cup of hatred that far too many have been drinking from as of late, for the times are too serious for foolishness.

  29. I lost my dad in ’99. He didn’t make the 21st century, nor this historic event.

    I know what you’re going through, and in the rollercoaster that is your life right now, this epiphany.

    You have every right to be conservative as anyone else has to be liberal/independent/green/polkadot.

    This is America. It is not one-party or mob rule. We’re the first modern country to start as an IDEA. It amazes me how we can agree to support rival sports teams and still get along, but politics become our “high places,” our Ashteroh polls that quite frankly, need to be torn down.

    You should really consider publishing this: is my publisher. He’d really be interested in you. You have a gift that should be shared (and profited from).

  30. trish

    I’ve been reading the christian blogs and the prevailing view seems to be that Sarah Palin is some type of modern day Esther. I was amazed! Nobody talks about the policies of a potential McCain/Palin administration.

  31. Kevin, Kennesaw, GA

    I had that same epiphany many years ago. It’s never to late to recognize the truth. Republicans have thrown their sound conservative principles under the bus a long time ago in order to divide the electorate just to win elections. Republicans are no longer the party of personal responsibility, small government or fiscal responsibility they just are not. Republicans blame all their incompetence and failings on everyone else but themselves. Republicans ballooned the size of federal government and the deficit. At least Obama and the Democrats are what they say they are.

  32. Frank

    Yeah, this is obviously just a setup. A stunt. Staged. More things supporting the Obama campaign by means of deception and lies. Great. Well, if this is how Obama wants to play the field, then so be it.

  33. Frank

    All of you are stupid and naive.

  34. Anon

    You’re the tool Frank.

  35. John Bush~using "domestic terrorism" yet again...

    Here is some of what the BBC is reporting today regarding the BREAKING NEWS on the Syrian raid by U.S. commandos…

    It said that “American soldiers” who had emerged from helicopters “attacked a civilian building under construction and opened fire on workers inside – including the wife of the building guard – leading to [the deaths] of eight civilians”.

    The dead included a man and his four children and a married couple.

    “The helicopters then left Syrian territory towards Iraqi territory,”
    That sounds extremely calculated and unprovoked …very cowardice and Bush-like if this accounting is indeed true! If this action proves to have been politically motivated, he should then be impeached and then jailed for war crimes!

  36. Alaskans in Crisis

    Rural Alaskan families are facing a crisis this winter. According to Senator Lisa Murkowski, fuel is being rationed, and prices are prohibitive. Gov. Palin has been asked by her constituents to help. So will she allow families in rural Alaska to go through a harsh, life-threatening winter without adequate heat? Or will she be one of those dreaded socialists that she is constantly vilifying on the campaign trail?

  37. Hope springs Eternal

    Four years ago I saw Obama speak to maybe a thousand people in a Jr. High School gym. Today I rode my bike downtown, took one look around, and knew that the initial police estimate of 34,000 was way, way under. The inspiration today was not so much from Obama, whom most of us couldn’t really see, but from the crowd itself. We’re so hungry for leadership in this country you can almost taste it. Like every other conscious American, I hope and pray that Obama can deliver it. He seems to understand that it is OUR country, after all, and he’s not shy about asking each of us to do our part. I appreciate that. It makes me feel a part of something, a pride in America which I haven’t sensed since I was 6 years old and another articulate, intelligent, charismatic man was president. Looking around at all the kids who will remember that feeling 45 years from now, the way I remember JFK, gave me real hope. Let’s get this man elected!

  38. Gen

    I am sorry you are going through this sad time of loss and grief. I have been reading your blog since McCain selected Palin. I was fascinated at first by trying to figure out why you thought the way you did about being a republican and voting for McCain.

    I am a Dem. I have been registered as one since my first election. Of course I am glad that Obama as another vote but from my heart I am saddened that it had to come in such a difficult way for you. You, your father, and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. May this time of passing be filled with as much ease, grace, and joy you can find with each other.

  39. Lisa in Memphis

    Thank you for that beautiful post.

  40. Shar

    I am so moved by your story. May you find peace and love for yourself and your wonderful family.

  41. White Woman for Obama

    Thank you.

    From the four generations of women in my family who believe in hope and change

  42. What makes you think you can’t learn from the past unless Obama is elected?
    What makes you think that raising taxes will be better than a “trickle down”?
    What makes you think that “so your children’s life won’t mirror yours” means theirs will be better?

    Return to the Republican values of community above self; stay true to your conservative roots, avoiding the sedcutive siren’s song that sings “you can always get what you want…”

    Capitalism without nationalism is an ugly thing, and socialism without individualism is just as ugly.

  43. Michelle

    I hope for the sake of our country and all of us that a President Obama will do the things he promises. But he allows his own aunt to live in public housing, and his uncle to be robbed while working a menial job and then get evicted from his low-rent apartment, while Harvard educated Barack Obama himself rolls in the $$$. Doesn’t it make you wonder, if he won’t help his own blood, what would he really do to help you and me–the faceless masses?

  44. bananas

    ASTROTURFING at it’s finest!


  45. All things are possible ~ just Believe.

    Bubba, Michelle, Bananas…

    You all are just plain ole, faceless cynics! If you just look around, you will quickly realize that this nation is in dire straits…and we’ve already tried 400 yrs of your way ~ and looks where that has gotten us. Give Hope a chance…for you just might be pleasantly surprised.

    “It always seems impossible until it is done.”
    ~Nelson Mandela

  46. Carolina Anole

    Michelle- Thanks for the link, I read the article eagerly. However a close reading of it certainly does not suggest that Mr. Obama is in any way even aware of how his Kenyan relatives are faring in Beantown or even what their address(es) may be. Read the article yourself, if you have not already done so (you wouldn’t forward something to others w/o reading it yourself first, right?) It appears that The Times actually physically sent a crew over to Boston’s beastly City Hall (I lived there 12 years- so I can say that), and had to fan out all over the place to get this smallish amount of info about persons who may, or may not, be the persons they’re looking for, who have “gone lost”, “long lost”, etc., for whatever reasons they may have (I quote from your article):

    “The Times could not determine their immigration status and an official at Boston City Hall said that Ms Onyango was a resident of Flaherty Way but not registered to vote on the electoral roll. However, that Ms Onyango made a contribution to the Obama campaign would indicate that she is a US citizen. Records at the Boston City Hall confirmed Zeituni Onyango’s birthdate as May 29, 1952.

    It is not clear when Ms Onyango first came to the US. She said: “I have been coming to America ever since 1975. I always come and go.” ”

    As for the Uncle (half-uncle? If it was him), the only surprise there is that he bothered to report it at all. After the second or third time one’s been mugged, robbed, car stolen, apartment broken into, whatever, you realize that there is nothing the cops there can or want to do. Serial rapists and murderers hold their interest, not much else does. I figure he must’ve been a fairly recent immigrant or he might have known that!

    All I can figure is that Obama is once again being held to some sort of standard other persons would not be held to. If you’ve watched the news lately you may be aware he’s been rather busy, and likely does not know he “allows his own aunt” to live in these conditions. Don’t know about you but I just don’t see a heartless cad on my TV when he’s on. Heck, I’d let him babysit my kid before I’d let McCain do that…

  47. D. Knight

    I’m a 34 yr old white man living in the deep south…where the color of a mans skin certainly will play a factor in the election. Most here won’t admit it however it is deeply embedded in a tradition and generation of hate. Unless you’re straight, white, Catholic and/or Baptist you are nothing in the eyes of the generational ignorance here. Barack Obama makes me feel so proud to be an American…he represents the heart of America. I was moved by his speech…he gives me pride and hope that we as a nation can finally come together. What a great man!

  48. Missash

    This site was created by a liberal in the first place. Good one! But truly informed christians know who to vote for despite this deception.

  49. wow, what madness. sorry about your father and sorry for the pain you and he have been experiencing thru his illness.i can’t believe that after your “conservative” upbringing, you would decide that putting your hand out to the government is really the best way to live. poor financial planning on an individual’s part makes america a bad place. we should cripple our country’s economy just in case its 300 million occupants need a handout?!

  50. Your gambling with Barack Hussein Obama…hoping for a good future…its a wish and wishes don’t always come true…instead of gambling don’t vote at all since you had a terrible loss…and reflect on what matters at home….not across the nation. What a gimmick this has turned into.

  51. i just read through several of your post since august and realized YOU ARE COMPLETELY FULL OF CRAP. this blog has been nothing but a RUSE, A BIG FAT LIE. too bad so many people fell for it, myself included. only extreme lefties and radically fanatic democrats would use some of the hateful, hostile you use here: “mccain grabbed the closest uterus” or “sambo” or “alaskan arabs.” figures.

  52. Carolina Anole

    Bookworm Girl-
    In case you’re not aware of it, Our Kind Host was using phrases (i.e. “Sambo” and “Alaskan Arabs”) that have been attributed to Sarah Palin- the “Sambo” quote (if that’s what it truly is) comes from a “Lucille the waitress” who supposedly overheard Palin say to her friends at a table in the restaurant Lucille worked at: “So, Sambo beat the bitch!” on the night Obama was determined to be the Democratic candidate over Clinton in the primaries. The “Alaskan Arabs” is also supposed to be a phrase Palin has used to refer to native Alaskans. So, Our Kind Host, by his lights was reacting to Palin’s alleged “hateful, hostile” comments. As to his opinion on “closest uterus”, well, that’s not nearly as vitriolic as many others I’ve seen here from his readers (it’s a blog!). Go past August to see how thinking has evolved.

    Me, well, this white chick is breaking out the bubbly and looking forward to some fiscal responsibility from our next president (maybe even a balanced budget within eight years). BTW, there exists all kinds of “handouts”- wouldn’t you say that the monumental number of no-bid contracts (and their size) handed to KBR qualify? How about the letting of the health insurance industry to write (literally write) legislation to its own benefit? AIG (an insurer- doesn’t anyone use data anymore?) The tax rate Big Oil (oh, excuse me, Big Energy) currently enjoys? Compared to what other, less befriended, industries have to pay? I don’t think one has to be “an extreme leftie” to sense a disconnect here between a stated set of ideals and the reality operating at present.

    Pray you remain healthy and don’t develop any health problems yourself- you really never know when you or yours may need a “handout”.

  53. Cynamen


    Amen to that…and I’d just like to extend my heartfelt condolences and congratulations to President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama.

    God bless you and the First Family ~ and may God truly bless America.

    P.S.>>>And to our gracious host, I also pray that you and your family are fairing well.

  54. May

    “Our Kind Host was using phrases (i.e. “Sambo” and “Alaskan Arabs”) that have been attributed to Sarah Palin- the “Sambo” quote (if that’s what it truly is) comes from a “Lucille the waitress” who supposedly overheard Palin say to her friends at a table in the restaurant Lucille worked at: “So, Sambo beat the bitch!” ”

    That smear has been exposed for the fraud it was. Our “kind host” was NOT “reacting” to any of Palin’s “comments”. Our “kind host” has been using that language in a way to discredit real Republicans through his hoax of a blog here. Bookworm Girl is correct. This blog was nothing but a ruse.

  55. Carolina Anole

    Incorrect. It has not been “exposed” as a “fraud”. I defer to Snopes:

    Until Charley James’ original source, “Lucille” herself, either comes forward at some point with her last name or is exposed as a liar (and I don’t find where that has happened yet), you can either believe her or not as you wish. Sure, it would be nice to see stronger sourcing (read James’ follow-up on unamed sources) but many far more important stories have been moved forward with nothing more than a nickname, initials, etc. Not that I’m comparing the L.A. Progressive to the Washington Post, mind you!

    Doesn’t matter anyway- McCain’s own aides have pilloried her more effectively than any blogger.

  56. Really?

    Just checking to see how all that “Hope and Change” is working out for the “O” crowd.

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