The Ignorant Are Lit!

Once again, my heartfelt thanks to those who have sent their condolences over the past few weeks. And to all who have written, wondering if I dropped off the face of the earth, rest assured that I have not. This isn’t a personal blog, so I won’t go into every reason for my absence. But if I veer towards the confessional, forgive me–these have not been easy times.

So what did I see on the hospital TV this past week? I watched crowds of aggressively stupid white people call Barack Obama a terrorist. I watched an old lady tell John McCain (the poor bastard) that Barack Obama was an Arab, in a quiet whisper like she knew it was bullshit. Then I watched the Real Americans around her wince and laugh: “Cripes, lady, we can spread that lie in secret but don’t actually say it on TV like you think it’s true…”

I know a lot of conservatives who are deeply embarrassed by the bottom-feeders who came out of the woodwork with renewed confidence after Palin lit the fires. To me, last week recalled Tolkien: “And the summons-by-fire spreads across the kingdom, from mountaintop to mountaintop and the sentinels shout the triumphant news – “The ignorant are lit!”

Then, of course, there was the Black Man for McCain in that audience. You can find him about halfway through the clip below. No, it wasn’t me. If it had been, not only would he have been better-looking, but he wouldn’t have suggested that Obama’s “soft spot” was Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright. I might have said something about the need for McCain to use his foreign policy expertise, so ably demonstrated in both debates, to make a specific argument about the future of both wars–how we will win in Afghanistan and draw down in Iraq while leaving behind a stable democracy. Or I would have asked him to play up his (very) good idea to allow retirees to hold their 401K’s beyond the required cashout date so their stock portfolios can bounce back. Or at least focus on a clear message instead of grasping at straws.

But this cat figures the way to take down the first black president is to make sure everybody knows he had an angry black pastor and sat on a board with a 60’s radical. In a time of economic collapse in all corners of the economy, two wars, terrorism, health-care related bankruptcies, mass forclosures, skyrocketing unemployment, a massive transfer of wealth overseas and a paralyzing fear of tomorrow’s bad news, my man thinks the road to victory runs through…where? Way to think it through, brother.

My father and I have spent countless hours in this room together over the past few weeks, and in that time we’ve discovered a great many things. One, we need to put some serious American ingenuity into improving our hospital food. Two, doctors and nurses do not support John McCain’s health care policy. At all. And three, the conservative ideology has managed to attract a lot of vindictive, uneducated, confidently ignorant motherfuckers. (Sorry, friends, I’m gonna swear pretty regularly from here on out. Love me or leave me.)

As I’ve said before, it’s a strange time to be a Conservative. We’re down the rabbit hole here, people. And, sadly, Republicans are only making it worse.



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16 responses to “The Ignorant Are Lit!

  1. Obamabot2008

    Today was the first that I knew of the existence of yr blog (someone commenting on a news article attached a link).
    On the topic of racism/ignorance and reading yr words from yr Sept 7 post:
    ‘So where does that leave me? I feel the same way about my party as HooRand felt about his glass church. I’m here because I want my fellow Republicans to see that it’s possible for a black man to love America every bit as much as they do. And maybe if they see that, they’ll realize that their jolly racism doesn’t even represent the way they actually feel about black people. It’s a residue, leftover from their parents, and it can be cleansed if conservative leaders appeal to the better side of their nature instead of encouraging the worst.’ I feel that both you and HooRand are misguided & fooling yrselves. Your time would be better served teaching the illiterate to read or signing up to be a mentor/role model for youth who are in need of direction. Your actions/comments show that you have an incorrect, simplistic view of what racism really is.
    You can never ‘show’ people something that they do not want to see. You cannot demonstrate something (‘I love Jesus just like you/I love America just like you’) and actually change the heart of someone who feels that to acknowledge this fact would be to strip away the very fabric of his/her existance and to obliterate his ‘place’ in the world (as he sees it). Haven’t you heard that very old ‘joke’: Q -‘What do you call a black man who has a Harvard degree, impeccable references and is head of a multi million $ corporation? A – You call him a nigger’. That joke precedes Obama at least 40 years.
    I don’t expect everyone to agree with Obama on all of the issues –let the democratic process take care of that. But as an American citizen, as a person, as a family man, as an academic, as a person who has overcome adversity, he is a wonderful role model — yet we have people with sneers on their faces calling him ‘idiot’, and ‘Arab’ and claiming that he hates America. You cannot ‘show’ or ‘demonstrate’ anything to this type of mentality.
    There are many churches these days with multi racial congregations in which all members, black, white, brown, etc acknowledge that skin color has nothing to do with how much you love Jesus. Why doesnt yr friend attend one of those churches? When he (& you along with him) stand silent beside those jovial whites who make comments about Barack shining shoes in the White House, what u r demonstrating is a lack of self respect, lack of backbone, lack of knowledge and perhaps a dollop of self hatred. Most likely later on around their dinner tables they talked and laughed about YOU standing there mute. Please pray and meditate on this a while.

  2. wendelljackson

    I will. Thank you.

  3. Obamabot2008

    Thank you.

  4. Cynamen

    Welcome back Sir~

    We’ve missed you…and I hope that your Dad is fairing well. And I could not agree more with your candid assertions of how this campaign has veered off course into a ditch. The zig-zag express has blown out yet another tire on the right rear! There is a very sinister undercurrent that’s being fueled and flamed by the McCain camp which is quite disconcerting on so many levels…

    Not merely from the perspective of purposely inciting fear and hatred (i.e. domestic terrorism) into the mix ~ but also in the way the MSM has parsed the unfolding stories. I think that we can agree that if Obama/Biden been found guilty of ‘abuse of power’ in any respect, it would have been at the top of every news hour, on every station, all day, from here until Nov. 4th…and beyond!

    With regards to the brotha who openly “begged” McCain to take it to Obama (which in itself is laughable for a 72 yr old)…but what I found rather distasteful is not the fact that he supports the ever-changing McCain ideologies (or even Palin’s for that matter), but that he would stand before a national audience and beg a man, who does not appear to care much for people of color. He did not, as you stated, ask that Obama be challenged on the issues, and his fervor was incendiary. It squarely smacks of the master – slave mentality which still lies dormant, even if only by heredity.

    Of course the MSM is all over the story, like a dog returning to its vomit…and I suppose McCain will now pay that brother to be one of this token surrogates. The silver lining might be that we are at least having the conversations about the skeletons in closets all across America. After this election season, I pray that we are not more polarized as a nation…and that our conversations will become more fruitful; for divided we now stand.

    Fasten your safety belts, for the next few weeks will more that likely bring out the worst in the wounded… but I prefer to give Hope a chance.

    Btw, I forgive the verbal assault… 8-]

  5. Steve

    I believe not even a measurable percent of McCain supporters are racist, however the stump speeches right or wrong have seemed to make those who are racist come out of the shadows and feel they are now able to vocalize their thoughts. I think this is why McCain has abandoned the Ayers line of attack. It might be a fair thing to bring up Ayers but the result of hate speech showing up at rallies, by supporters, has made independents or moderate republicans move away from McCain. Would you want to be on TV standing next to the guy with the monkey? Hell no! It was nice to see the McCain I like back toning down the rancor.

    That brings up another point. To any McCain supporter that goes to one of these rallies PLEASE tell these people to leave and grab a McCain staffer and point out the racist signs and people and suggest that they be removed from the rally.

    I am voting for Obama and I am a Republican but I hope the Republican party can come back home to conservative economic policies (90% of the national debt has been place there during Republican Prez years) and get on board with more mainstream social policies. If that happens I’ll return in 2012. McCain isn’t going to win. He’s losing in so many states that it would take a huge mistake by Obama for McCain to win. Like saying the fundamentals of the economy are strong.

    I will give our President Obama all the respect he deserves to be the first Black President and I hope that people on both sides will stop and realize they are seeing something that will be remembered and taught forever. Even if you don’t agree with Obama on issues it will be something to be proud of as a nation that we have come far and now anyone born in this country can say “I can be anything I want to be when I grow up”. Don’t be so blinded by partisan politics to not see the good in this. I beg of you! We all love this country and this will be one of its proudest moments.

  6. Cynamen


    Well said… Your sentiments truly embody what it means to truly put “Country First.” I pray that brand of wisdom will flow from sea to shining sea…for it has become increasingly apparent that we will either rise together or sink deeper, together.

  7. trish

    How do you feel about voter suppression ? I’m not being snide, I’m just wondering how black republicans feel about the republican attempt to suppress the black vote at election time.

  8. Cynamen


    Thanks…but no thanks, for I’ve seen and heard enough to make and informed and educated decision. It’s all about “Country First,” right?

    I can see only one clear choice, for when it comes to the lesser of two evils…I’ll choose the one that I haven’t tried yet.

  9. Tony

    McCain’s camp are sowing seeds of fear, hatred and bigotry~the same seeds that have taken 400+ yrs. to get us to today. Be that as it may, sinner or saint, there is a basic principle in that “you reap what you sow”…be that good or bad.

    History bears witness as to where this divisive “climate” could lead; which is probaly what John Lewis was alluding to. That is why it is now imperative that we make the necessary changes…as individuals and as a nation.

    There’s simply too much at stake at this present time.

  10. Ah, let’s see. McCain defended Obama by calling him as a decent person and that he shouldn’t be feared if he becomes President, the crowd booed, he stood up for Obama. But Lewis do? Called him a racist.


  11. correction: “But what did Lewis do?”

  12. Alaska Blue

    McC~ You ask:

    correction: “But what did Lewis do?”
    He told the truth…which nowadays is most difficult to discern. If McCain has a problem with that, he should the “man up” and deal with Lewis directly, especially when McCain claimed to hold him in such high regard at Saddleback.

    You do remember that don’t cha? That “cone of silence” thing…

  13. DEE

    We are too intelligent to fall for McCain and Palin’s tactics! There is too much at stake for us to let the Hate mongers in this country win, not this time! Do not become complacent or overconfident! Barack Obama CAN lose this election! Don’t worry about what anyone says! Don’t pay attention to the polls! People have had big leads in the polls and lost on Election Day! Just get out and VOTE! Vote early! Don’t wait until the last minute! Don’t become overconfident! Obama must win this election! Vote! VOTE! VOTE! The world is watching!

    OBAMA/BIDEN 08-12!

  14. Ok. It’s your right to vote for a socialist.

    Good luck all, and pray for this nation because we’re about to be tested big time.

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