Palin Repairs 18 Million Cracks in Glass Ceiling

Ladies, throw your hats in the air. She’s done it. After only two interviews with actual reporters (Hannity doesn’t count) Sarah Palin managed to fill in every single one of those cracks and reinforce them with steel. Ain’t nobody getting through that ceiling now.

In just twenty minutes of screen time, this woman managed to convince the majority of thinking people, Republicans included, that she should be sent packing immediately. It’s farce. It’s comedy. Her incoherent babbling has made it crystal clear why McCain tried to postpone the debates. The woman is a disaster of epic proportions.

Apologies to all those who count on this blog for hard proof that at least one Republican out there doesn’t have his head completely up his ass. I’ve had to cut down on my posts due to work and a personal financial crisis that could use a government bailout right about now. Beyond that, this shit has just gotten to ridiculous and sad to comment on. I am at a loss for words. I am no longer embarrassed to be a Republican, I am actually ashamed.

In the past week, a chorus of anti-regulation free marketeers have gone silent, and for good reason. When this bailout passes, our “conservative” leaders will have succeeded at swinging the pendulum all the way back to Socialism. That, combined with this embarrassing spectacle, are reason to think long and hard about what we’re trying to accomplish.

Fellow Republicans, it’s time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves the tough questions. Is a McCain/Palin White House good for our country? Is it patriotic? Is it even Christian? Anyone with an ounce of intellectual honesty knows these are fair questions.

My friends, it may be time to repent.



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19 responses to “Palin Repairs 18 Million Cracks in Glass Ceiling

  1. cynamen

    Your latest post is so refreshingly honest…and in my view, McCain (after his bluff was called over not attending), came across as a a closet-racist during the debate last evening; one who didn’t have the common decency to look another American in the eye as they sparred over differences….

    Time to remove the mote from thine own eyes.

  2. jhb2nyc

    Upfront disclosure. I am a Barack Obama supporter and have been since I heard his speech at the 2004 convention. I read his books and was, yes, inspired. I urge you and your readers to take a look for yourself. Check out his website, take a look at the man himself and ask yourself honestly as you look into your mirror, why can’t I vote for Obama? Is the current Republican candidate representing my core values and addressing the issues that face all of us? Do I want him to be my President? Red vs. Blue is turning out to to be a far bigger factor than any other color divide in this great nation of ours. Why can’t we all just try on a little purple, its very hot this season. I know I want my President to be highly intelligent and steady in a storm, to be looking after the best interests of the many, not just the select few, one who is honest and whom I respect. Don’t you? There was another young Senator from Illinois, with two years of experience in the House. Abraham Lincoln. I want another one of those.

  3. Gina

    Laughing at Sarah Palin’s gaffs has become quite the entertainment around here….lifting our spirits from the sobering realities of the financial fiasco, my own impending job loss (after 20 years), my pension turned disappearing 401(k), the increasing racism from desperate Republicans online, and war mongering.

    I have been trying to figure out what decent, informed people could still see in McCain. You answered my question! I had talked to my mother who is strongly pro-life and asked who she was supporting. She said she just wasn’t sure about Obama and didn’t want to vote for him just because he’s Black, then talked about how she knew as a Christian she should support McCain, but then started listing things she did not like about him. And Palin was a total miss in terms of connecting with her.

    I do not think my mother would call herself a Black Republican; I think she’d just call herself a Christian. But she is getting far too much of her news from so-called Christian sources that have a dishonest political agenda. Of course I can’t say that to her, but I did share some of the reasons that I, an independent, support Obama and suggest that she investigate things for herself. Honesty and integrity matter to my mother. Marriage and fidelity matter to my mother. Social security and reasonable cost for healthcare matter to my mother as she and my dad just retired. War matters to my mother. Tax rates matter to my mother. Voter suppression matters to my mother.

    I’ve appreciated reading your blog. (Perhaps you are the real maverick?) From experience I know that it can be sad to realize that something (or someone) you deeply believed in is not what you thought. Unfortunately, I think we Americans have many more painful revelations ahead.

  4. roger

    ready to vote for obama now???

  5. Marie

    Interesting website, in light of the fact that I am an older white woman who decided to vote for Barack Obama immediately after he threw his ‘hat into the ring’. Don’t you know that our last conservative president was Bill Clinton? He balanced the budget. You want a Christian? Vote for Obama. The Republican Party has not had a truly conservative candidate since Barrry Goldwater.

    Barack Obama is an outstanding intellect, a gentleman, loyal to his wife and children, and possesses the steadines of temperament needed to be president of this country. Unfortunately, even if elected, he will have a very hard time dealing with the mess the Republicans have created in this country. While the media was focusing on trivia, the robber barons had a field day. A lot of people made money with the wars and financial debacles, they are the friends of George Bush and John McCain.

  6. dave clark

    I don’t care what you say, you sound like a demo liberal, your bailing when the ship isn’t even sinking. Anyone is better than that black socialist, inexperienced pretty boy. this country does not need a muslim,anti-white, racist, especially his potential first lady. God help us if he get elected.
    also i am buying chinese war bonds just in case.

  7. wendelljackson

    Dave Clark,

    I totally respect your right to have opinions. The only problem is that if you say them out loud, thinking people won’t respect you. That’s why the kids laughed at you when you were younger, and that’s why your co-workers snicker behind your back now. Men who wear their ignorance like a badge of honor are a dime a dozen–being part of the problem doesn’t make you special. It’s men like you who make me worry that the Republican Party has left intelligent, thoughtful, patriotic Americans in the lurch. And the more I hear from your kind, the more I’m convinced that my party has abandoned me in favor of our country’s worst.

  8. TheGigaShadow

    Nice post. Kinda makes your Sept. 2 entry “The Hockey Mom Who Could be President” seem a little silly in retrospect. Still think she’ll be president in 2012? Didn’t think so.

    Welcome to the land of the rational. So, it took you a little longer than the rest of us to realize that Palin is a total moron. At least you realized. Bet it feels good to get all that wool off your eyes.

    To Dave Clark: Ditto what Wendel said. Get your head out of the sand. The “Obama is a Muslim” thing was disproved so long ago it’s not even relevant anymore. Even as part of an uneducated rant like yours.

    Obama/Biden ’08

  9. Tom

    OK. It is pretty clear that none of you are republicans or conservatives. So, drop the mask and go back to the Daily Kos where you belong. This blog is a joke!

  10. Carolina Anole

    Actually, Tom, there are plenty of both who are disheartened by the sight of John McCain, whom many of us thought we “knew”, thrashing about like a wounded squirrel: “suspending” his campaign (er, while he attends campaign events!), “pulling” his ads (while he puts more out the same day!), charging into bailout negotiations (like he knows what the heck they’re talking about!), blaming Obama for the subsequent failure (Oh, if only he had “side-lined” himself!)- this is not the John McCain I used to have great affection and respect for, the one of 8 years ago. He’s changed, not for the better, and it is a genuine disappointment.

  11. Palin is a joke

    This is what happens when 41% of the country says they think she’s ready to be President on day one within 24 hours of her being picked….based on what?!?!?! That she’s prolife? I imagine that was what it was. Then she does some interviews and even the most thoughtful conservative writers admit she’s totally unfit to be President. In hindsight the media was being sexist they weren’t attacking her. There were just soooo many things wrong with this pick it looked that way.

  12. Missash2887

    John McCain actually warned of, and tried to do something about this financial crisis years ago. While John McCain, President Bush, and other Republicans were warning of the devastating effects of the current OVER-REGULATION of the economy, Barack was getting his pockets lined by Fannie and Freddie.
    Based on this about-face, I am beginning to doubt whether or not you were really a conservative in the first place.

  13. Gary

    I cannot understand for the life of me why every single flaw by Sen. Obama is filtered by rose colored glasses and every eyelash batted by Palin is considered an indication of her weakness. I say, go ahead, let Obama ruin his political career as a young age, elect him President. Four years of his taxation policies, his indecisiveness in foreign policy (undermining our young servicemen while in combat with his demeaning comments), his Fanny Mae and let’s see didn’t he get a great deal on his house from someone who is a convicted felon who he considered his friend? Believe me, he knows a good deal when he sees one. No two on the list of recipients from Fanny Mae! Hello? I’m sorry I must have the wrong number…

  14. Secret Society

    Gary, my friend~

    You did have the number wrong…

    That would be 7-9 homes…with a campaign manager who’s STILL reaping cash benefits from Fannie…

    So, let’s not get the facts twisted.

  15. Carolina Anole

    Never mind the sweeping nationalization of our lending/financial institutions, the hate speech incited by Smilin’ Sarah, the somewhat, ummm, peculiar performance in the debate the other night, never mind, never mind….

    I hope our host is OK(?). These blog-things are, am told, a bear to keep up with (and there has been so much of late to “absorb”), but the silence is foreboding. Stay strong, whatever’s going on. As they say, This, too, shall pass.

  16. Purple Alaska

    I am absolutely appalled by what little (if any) coverage was given to the story of Gov. Palin being found guilty of abuse of power in Alaska yesterday…almost as if it were an afterthought ~ and in most cases, attached as a 15 second blurb to the end of Palin’s campaign speech in PA today. For we know without shadow of doubt that had such news been dropped into the news cycle, even on Friday night about Senators Obama or Biden, it would have been the leading story on most MSM and cable channels….all day, all the time, through Nov. 4th….and beyond!

    This blatant media manipulation has got to be confronted and it simply has to change; otherwise we may as well live in China. As citizen journalists, we must do our parts to hold them ALL accountable. Write, call, begin email campaigns or protest via viewer ratings….but it is imperative that we as American citizens address this major issue.

    I realize that these are really tight economic times for most of us around the country, however, in the remaining few weeks of this historic campaign, let us commit to giving what and where we can to ensure that the Obama/Biden message of REAL change is not blunted by the MSM. The recent ads have truly differentiated the stark differences between the two campaigns ~ and I am reminded that WE each have a stake in this monumental journey!

    PLEASE HELP with your actions:

  17. I came to this blog thinking I would re-label this “domestic help for McCain or McCains Janitors, or McCains butt kissers who Mccain would never let live in his 13 neighborhoods. I just want to know what has John McCain done for anyone other than himself lately? Country first? Lets not even go there. But I will say it is refreshing to see you do have a brain…altho just buying that domain name says you don’t. John McCain voted against MLK birthday but he has your vote? When you get your head out of his “economic plan” let me know.

  18. Abuse-of-Powergate

    “Some weeks ago, the McCain team devised a plan to have Palin file an ethics complaint against herself with the State Personnel Board, arguing that it alone was capable of conducting a fair, nonpartisan inquiry into whether she fired Monegan because he refused to fire Wooten, who had been involved in a messy custody battle with her sister.

    Some Democrats ridiculed the move, noting that the personnel board answered to Palin. But the board ended up hiring an aggressive Anchorage trial lawyer, Timothy Petumenos, as an independent counsel. McCain aides were chagrined to discover that Petumenos was a Democrat who had contributed to Palin’s 2006 opponent for governor, Tony Knowles. Palin is now scheduled to be questioned next week, and the counsel’s report could be released soon after. “We took a gamble when we went to the personnel board,” said a McCain aide who asked not to be identified discussing strategy.

    While the McCain camp still insists Palin “has nothing to hide,” it acknowledges a critical finding by Petumenos would be even harder to dismiss.”

  19. DEE

    We are too intelligent to fall for McCain and Palin’s tactics! There is too much at stake for us to let the Hate mongers in this country win, not this time! Do not become complacent or overconfident! Barack Obama CAN lose this election! Don’t worry about what anyone says! Don’t pay attention to the polls! People have had big leads in the polls and lost on Election Day! Just get out and VOTE! Vote early! Don’t wait until the last minute! Don’t become overconfident! Obama must win this election! Vote! VOTE! VOTE! The world is watching!

    OBAMA/BIDEN 08-12!

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